The importance of bearings to excavators

2021-06-26 17:01

There are various types of bearings for excavator bearings. According to their materials, they can be divided into copper bearings, steel bearings, composite bearings, etc.; according to their lubrication methods, they can be divided into dry friction bearings, oil-impregnated bearings, incomplete oil-film bearings, fluid-film bearings, etc. :The lubrication method of bearings in our factory is incomplete oil film lubrication.

Various bearings such as copper, steel and copper-based steel back self-lubricating have been used successively. Copper bearings have good toughness and general wear resistance. They have good protection for the shaft, but they have poor resistance to deformation. They are easily deformed after long-term use, which will cause the inner diameter of the bearing to expand and cause the structural parts to shake; the steel bearing has high strength and wear resistance. Good performance, anti-deformation

Strong ability, but high surface heat treatment process requirements; copper-based steel back self-lubricating bearings have both the advantages of steel bearings and copper bearings. At the same time, the combination of oil groove lubrication and self-lubrication can effectively avoid the scorching of the bearing, but the process is complicated. higher cost. The primary consideration in the design of the bearing is the service life of the bearing.

In addition to scorching, it is determined by the amount of wear on the inner diameter of the bearing. The amount of wear is mainly affected by friction conditions, and friction is affected by conditions such as load, speed, impurities, surface roughness, working temperature, different operating modes, and lubricants used. Therefore, the amount of wear can only be a theoretical estimate. The life of the shaft sleeve is taken

Depends on various complicated conditions. 

   (1) Once it is determined that the problem is caused by the seal, remove the old seal, clean the seal groove with diesel or gasoline, and completely snap the new seal into the seal groove. It should be noted that there is a joint after the sealing strip is formed into a ring, and a double-tube universal glue (such as acrylic

Acid ester glue) glue the two sides of the joint together.

   (2) If the lubricating grease is deteriorated due to the leakage of the rotary motor, the rotary motor must be repaired to solve the problem fundamentally, and then replace the grease of the entire rotary gear ring.

   (3) If the leakage is caused by improper selection of grease, all the grease on the rotary gear ring must be replaced. At the same time, it should be noted that the same brand of grease should also be used in the bearing cavity. Lithium-molybdenum-based grease should be used. The viscosity of this grease will not decrease at high temperatures.