How to distinguish the authenticity of imported bearings

2021-06-26 17:12


When some people are shopping, they will get it from a professional or identify whether it is "genuine" based on the QR code provided. Take SKF bearings for example! If you want to recognize it, you must know its past, present, and future. Not only need to know its appearance, but also its inside. Only by "recognizing the genuine product" from the inside to the outside from all angles, can it be possible to expose a "fake product" in front of you, point out where it is "fake", tell why it is fake, and avoid unnecessary trouble And loss. skf bearing

   How to "recognize the real product"?

   Look at the bearing mark. Some regular parts are marked with certain marks, such as assembly marks such as the top marks of gear marks, to ensure that the parts are installed correctly, and those that are not can not be purchased.

  Look at the color of the bearing. Some original parts are designated with a certain color on the surface. If they encounter other colors, they are fake and inferior parts.

   Look at the appearance of the bearing. The appearance of the original parts is clearly printed or cast and marked, while the counterfeit products are rough in appearance.

  Look at the paint. The unscrupulous merchants simply processed the waste parts, such as dismantling, assembling, assembling, assembling, painting, etc., and then selling them as qualified products to illegally obtain high profits.

   Look at the texture of the bearing. The materials of the original parts are qualified materials according to the design requirements, and the counterfeit products are mostly replaced by cheap and inferior materials.

   Look at the bearing storage. If auto parts have problems such as cracking, oxidation, discoloration or aging, they may be caused by poor environment, long storage time, and poor materials during storage.

  The bearing is engaged. If the rivets of the clutch plates are loose, the brake hoses are degummed, the joints of electrical parts are disconnected, and the joints of the paper filter element are disconnected, they cannot be used.

   Look at the bearing packaging. The packaging of original accessories is generally standardized, with uniform standard specifications, and the printing and writing are clear and formal. However, the packaging and printing of counterfeit products are relatively poor, and it is often easy to find flaws in the packaging.

   The authentic bearing smells no peculiar smell, while the fake bearing smells pungent and smells of kerosene.

   See the omissions. The regular assembly parts must be complete and intact to ensure smooth installation and normal operation. Some individual small parts on the assembly are missing, generally "parallel imports", which cause difficulties in installation. Often due to the shortage of individual small parts, the entire assembly component is scrapped.